Generator Options

In your account settings you can modify your generator options. 

Generator options allow you to control the content that Juice creates. 

When generating your article you have a few options for customization. We will be introducing more customization in the future so sit tight for new features that will arrive and feel free to suggest features in our Facebook community.

Profanity Blocker

By default Juice generates content that is unfiltered

This means that, depending on your prompt, your generated article or section may contain swear words, slurs, and other unsettling language.

If you'd like to prevent profanities from appearing in your content, turn on the profanity blocker and Juice will censor (with asterisks '*') profane words.

Include Images

By default, Juice automatically inserts images after each section heading.

If you'd like to add your own images, click the 'add image' in the styling bar to search for more images.

Turn this option off and Juice won't include any images when it generates articles.

Include YouTube Videos

By default, Juice automatically includes one YouTube video after a section heading. 

Turn this option off and Juice won't include a YouTube video when it generates articles.

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