Integrating Wordpress Sites

Juice's Wordpress integration makes use of the relatively new application passwords feature, introduced in Wordpress 5.6.

This feature allows Juice to access your Wordpress site's REST API without requiring the installation of a plugin.

1. Click your avatar and go to 'Settings

2. Click the 'My Sites' tab

3. Select Wordpress as your integration type

Here you can select your Integration (Wordpress) and enter in your site URL. 

When you have entered your Site Name and Site URL click 'Link Site'

Make sure you enter the site URL with the correct format (beginning with https://)

4. Authenticate your site

After clicking 'Link Site' you will be redirected to your WordPress site where you must log in again and verify that Juice can make posts directly to your site.

Click 'Yes, I approve this connection." to let Juice push your content to your website.

Your Wordpress site is now ready to start receiving Juice content!

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