How to troubleshoot website integrations?

I'm having trouble integrating my site!

Don't fear! First, make sure you've gone through all the steps of integrating your website (only WordPress and Shopify are supported at the moment).

If you've done that you may want to try a few other things:

  1. Make sure you don't have any plugins active that could block an API request from (we've had this issue with some basic auth plugins, and https plugins).
  2. Make sure your WordPress is up to date (minimum version 5.6)
  3. If you get this error on WordPress: 

You'll need to go to Users > your profile you've tried to authorize Juice with > Application Passwords and revoke the application password

Once you have revoked the password, Go back to > Settings > My Sites and delete the website integration

Then try integrating your site again.

Make sure your SSL is up to date!

Make sure your SSL is up to date on your website or you won't be able to send an article to your site. Make sure the SSL correctly (your site is secure) and then try again.

Whitelisting IP Addresses

You can also look into whitelisting our IP addresses
The following IPs should be whitelisted on any security plugins your site may be using:


If still no luck, repeat the steps again but  before integrating your site again, contact support.

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