Custom Article Generator

The custom article generator allows you to generate an article from an outline.

Simply click 'generate custom article' below the generate button on the left hand sidebar.

Then add the title and headings that you'd like Juice to generate for you. You can add up to 9 headings per article!

Remember that you can always use the 'regenerate section' feature to rewrite a section of any draft article. Simply click on any heading and click 'regenerate section'. You can also change the heading and click 'regenerate' which will rewrite the section taking into account the newly written heading.

How to use the custom article generator for maximum effect?

With the custom article generator, you can create articles by providing context in the title and heading. By doing so, you can effectively guide Juice to write about things that are relevant to your topic. For example, if you wanted to write an article about the best shoe brands in the USA, you could specify the title as "What are the best shoe brands in the USA." and add a heading "Nike - a sport shoe company from Oregon." This context gives Juice the necessary information to write about Nike, even if it may not have prior knowledge about the company.

In conclusion, Juice's custom article generator is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to generate articles that are tailored to their specific needs. Whether you're looking to write about product reviews or any other topic, Juice can help you create articles that are informative, accurate, and relevant to your audience.

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