Using Autopilot's new autopilot feature can streamline your content strategy and make your life much easier.

Autopilot allows you to publish one article a day to your website based on an optimized queue of seed words. 

Step 1: Add a seed word 

A seed word is a phrase that will act as a catchall for your long-tail keywords. If you've added any Seed Words before this update (Feb 23, 2023) you'll need to add another Seed Word.

Step 2:  Select Autopilot settings

Head over to the options and select your preferred settings, such as the generation folder and time of day to generate articles. You can also choose to publish directly or as a draft to your WordPress or other sites that integrate with Zapier.

Step 3: Select the Seed Words and turn on Autopilot's optimized queue will provide you with an alternating list of optimized long-tail keywords that are perfect for generating articles. You don't have to worry about spending time sorting through unhelpful keywords. Once your articles are generated, you can easily find them in the Used section and in the selected folder

Autopilot allows you to sit back and watch the content flow onto your website. If you're looking to speed up your content strategy, give's autopilot feature a try.

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