What Are Long Tail Keywords?

When thinking about which content you should create for your website, you'll want to target keywords that are relatively easy to rank high in Google. 

One way to make sure that your articles rank high in Google (and get lots of clicks) is to target keyword phrases that are very specific. 

Keyword phrases that ask very specific questions are called long tail keyword phrases.

Why long tail keywords are better than short keyword phrases

If I am trying to get traffic to my website by creating content about pet supplies, an obvious thing to do would be to target the keyword phrase 'pet supplies'.

While that seems like a good idea, the reality is that there are SO many websites trying to rank for this keyword phrase, your site won't have a snowball's chance in hell of ranking high for the search query 'pet supplies'. 

You could try focusing on just 'pet supplies', but you'd be up against Petco, Amazon, and many other big box retailers who have nothing but pages already ranking for this query. 

Long tail keywords are easier to rank for

Fear not!

Just because short, straightforward keyword phrases are difficult to rank for doesn't mean that all keyword phrases are difficult to rank for.

Let's continue with the pet store example.

If you make an article targeting the keyword phrase 'the best pet supplies stores to pamper your pet in Philly', you're making specific content that answers a similarly specific question.

Google's algorithm will learn that your article is helpful for anyone in greater Philadelphia looking to pamper their fur baby. The result? It's only a matter of time before people start clicking on your page. 

Every unique user to your website is a potential lead or customer. So for every long tail keyword phrase you target, that's potentially one more article that will start bringing in traffic!


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