What is Juice? How do you use it?

What is Juice?

Juice allows your to harness the power of AI to generate SEO-friendly content within seconds

Having lots of SEO-friendly content on your website or e-commerce stores is a  proven way to attract new users, who you can then convert into paying customers or subscribers.

Created by two SEO pros who wanted to save time in with their clients work, Juice is designed to help creators like you scale SEO content creation.

Every time you generate an article draft with Juice, you're getting articles complete with  headings, bold and italic tags, relevant images and videos, and even meta tag data.

All Juice-generated content is 100% unique. 

While other AI copywriting apps are designed for multiple use cases, Juice was born, bred, and growing with SEO in mind!

Why use Juice

If blazing fast SEO content generation isn't enough for you here are some other reasons you should choose Juice over our competitors.

We have straightforward pricing — we do not have credits or tokens or characters. One price, unlimited words.

Juice outputs unlimited words — Juice allows you to create long form blog articles. As long as you adhere to the rate limit you can generate as much as you'd like.

Juice allows you to generate unfiltered content — competitors out there are built on GPT-3 (an NLP model owned by Microsoft) and automatically censor your content. 

At Juice, we treat you like an adult, giving you free reign to generate any and all sorts of content.

You can always block profanity if you'd like to censor obscene words.

Just type a prompt into our article generator... and let it rip!

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