Generating Articles

With Juice, you can generate media rich content at the push of a button. 

Depending on how you set your generator options, generated articles can include:

  • Headings (<h2>, <h3>, <h4>, and <h5> tags)
  • Bolds (<strong> tags)
  • Italics (<em> tags)
  • Images (<img> tags)
  • YouTube (<iframe> tags)

We suggest reviewing our doc about generator options to learn more about all the features of Juice's generator

Generating articles

Simply enter a prompt that Juice can use to create your article. 

Effective prompts should read like the titles of articles you want to create. 

Here are some examples of effective prompts: 

  • These are the BEST places to go for summer vacation
  • Top reasons to move to Oregon, USA
  • Why does music improve my mood?

Once you've typed in your prompt, simply click the Generate button and Juice will start doing its thing.

Articles can take about 30 seconds to generate. We're always coming up with ways to make it even faster.

Once your article is generated, it'll appear in the article list

You can then edit your article and send it to your website.

Use long tail keywords to generate the right articles for your site!

 to base your content around has always a topic of debate. 

We recommend brushing up on SEO basics if you are less experienced. And we'd definitely recommend checking out our Facebook group where our members are constantly suggesting cool ways to use Juice.

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