Can you help me understand rate limits?

Unlike many content-focused SEO platforms out there, Juice lets you generate a lot of content relative to the prices we charge. 

Given our focus on maximizing value, the way we measure and limit your usage is uniquely Juice.

Juice doesn't limit your monthly word output

Instead of limiting your total word or character output per month, we instead limit the frequency with which you can make generation requests.

Why rate limits?

Unlike our competitors, we don't want Juice to use any funky credits or word count limits.

Rate limits help make sure that Juice isn't abused by bots or spammers that run up our hosting costs. That's it!

Rate limit example: Juice Plus

For example, take our paid plan  Juice Plus.

With Juice Plus, you can generate up to 250 articles per month.

Considering that each article will yield about 1,500 words...that comes out to about  375,000 words per month.

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