Sending Articles to Your Website

Once you have generated your article and edited it, you are ready to send it to your website.

We highly recommend taking a look at this article to make sure your website is integrated correctly. Your sites will need to be integrated with Juice before you can directly upload finished articles (complete with SEO attributes)! 

You can send articles to your website either via the article list or via the editor.

Send articles to your website via the share button

This is the Juice share button:

You can click it, whenever you see it, to send articles directly to your website!

You can send articles from you website in these places:

  • From your article list
  • From the editor 

If you are sending an article to a Wordpress site, articles will appear as drafts, so that you can make your final edits and publish them there. 

If you are sending an article to a Shopify site, articles will be set to publish automatically (so make sure you have edited it properly in Juice!).

Sending multiple articles to your site via the article list

Next to each article in your article list there is a checkbox. You can use the checkboxes (or the select all function) to select them and send them directly to your website.

Click the share icon on the top of the Article List to send the article to your website. 

You can set the status of your article once it gets to your site, for example 'draft' or 'publish'.

Copy HTML button

If for whatever reason you cannot integrate your CMS to Juice, you can easily copy the HTML in one click by using the icon in the top right corner.

You can also view the HTML by clicking the 'source code' icon in the header.

Your article's HTML can be copied and pasted anywhere you see fit!

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